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Hi my name is Rochelle Pursell. I am the director of Angel Face Pageants. MY daughter, Isabella Raelynn, is our Grand Ambassador. Pageants are a our passion, that is why we started our own pageant system, Angel Faces USA Pageants! A fun, family oriented system that believes in "Making Memories!"

Pageantry is an amazing outlet to enhance a young person with self esteem and helps create leaders. We believe pageants instill poise, self- confidence, and valuable communication skills. Positive influences and feeling good about yourself help gain the competitive edge to succeed later in whatever field you may choose, from modeling to business.

Whether this is your very first pageant or your a pageant regular this is the pageant for you. Angel Faces is open to girls and boys of all ages. We offer Glitz and Natural. We take pride in our Pageant to make sure everyone feels like a Kings and Queens! Come and join the fun at one of our family oriented Angel Face Pageants!

Do you think that you are beautiful?
God sees us as beautiful.

The devotional below comes from Today. It focuses on Matthew 6:25-34 in which Jesus tells us about God’s care for the plants of the field. Jesus reminds us that if God is showering this much attention on flowers, He’s spending far more energy thinking about us, the “crown of his creation:”

In today’s verses Jesus points to the magnificence of flowers: “Not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.” So if this is how God shows care for a flower, how much more does our Father in heaven care for us humans, the crown of his creation? As we might examine the beauty and intricacies of a flower, this is how God looks at us! We do not have to worry about meeting some artificial or worldly standard of beauty. We are all precious in God’s sight. 

In addition, because God provides so beautifully for us all, we can bloom where we are planted. Some flowers last just a short time; others, like the petunias in my garden, bloom until the first frost of autumn arrives. God, who has created each of us as unique individuals and redeemed us through the blood of his Son, enables us to show forth his love, compassion, glory, and life. Some of us may have a short time, and others may have a much longer time to bloom. But we all can display the beauty of God’s love and care because God himself sustains us.

Psalm 45:11
Let the king be enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord.
Psalm 45:10-12

Rochelle Pursell - Director
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