Angel Face USA Pageants | Tioga Cty Fair Pageant
Angel Face Pageants Presents our 9th Annual 
Little Miss & Mr Tioga County Pageant!

 Pageant date August 6, 2019

Angel Face Pageants will be holding our 9th annual Tioga County Fair Pageant in 2019 at The Tioga County Fairgrounds in Owego NY. We will have a fun filled pageant followed by great fair fun!  We will awards a Crown Sash and Trophy to each Age Group Winner & Three High Point winners!   Cost to enter is $25.00.

Angel Face Age Groups 
0-11 months; 1 year; 2 years; 3-4 years; 5-6 years; 7-8 years; 9-12 years; 13-15 years; 16 & up.
0-2 years; 3-5 years; 6 & up.

Please PRE REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT ONLINE . You can submit application right online! 
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Areas of competition

This is a mandatory formal event for every contestant. Each contestant will do a simple walk on stage. Contestants 9 and up will do an introduction about themselves on stage. Introductions should include name, age, hometown, hobbies, or anything interesting you would like the judges to know about yourself. You may wear any style dress you’d like. May be short or full length. This is not a Glitz pageant, however, age appropriate makeup is allowed.  There will be ONE winner in each age division.

Optional Side Awards
Side Awards include prettiest hair, eyes, smile, dress, and personality. These five awards will be given in every age division.  These are optional events, meaning more chances to win more awards. Cost is 5.00 each.

*Extra awards may be given at the discretion of the director.*
Pageant Location  
The Tioga County Fairgrounds
Route 17C
Owego NY, 13827

Mail application and fees to:
Angel Face Pageants
138 Fred Catlin Rd
Owego NY, 13827

Tioga County Fair Pageant

Name ___________________________________________________________________________



City___________________________________ State __________________ Zip _______________

Favorite Toy (0-4yr) _______________________________________________________________

Favorite school subject (5&up) _______________________________________________________

Hobbies _________________________________________________________________________

(X) Beauty Wear -  20.00 

(  ) Side Awards-  5.00 each (optional)
_______Hair ______ Eyes _______ Smile _______ Dress _______ Personality

Total ______________________


Amount due ________________

I give my permission for the above contestant to enter the Angel Face Pageant and release Angel Face Pageants from any responsibility for the welfare of the contestant during the pageant period.

_________________________________     _______________________ 
    Signature of parent or guardian                                  Date

Tioga County Fair Pageant